Why Anti-Gay-Rights Activists should be banned from getting Married


I feel somewhat under qualified to write for this website. I am not a gay man. I am not Australian. I have never suffered abuse over my sexuality. I am able to marry the person I love under most laws around the world. However, I am vehemently in support of equality in marriage. I strongly believe that all sexualities should be able to marry. I think it’s an utter disgrace that our marriage laws around the world are still based on ancient religious scripture. I therefore developed a petition to stop anti-gay activists from getting married, which you can find at ipetition.

But why did I create this? Why did I decide to show my support of gay marriage by trying to ban others from getting married? Well firstly it’s quite obviously ironic.

There is an organisation that is moderately prevalent in the UK called C4M (Coalition for Marriage) that is an anti-gay rights organisation. They, like many, developed a petition that was against gay marriage. It apparently drew in hundreds of thousands of signatures and they claim this to be a success (though their petition techniques are very questionable). They use dodgy polling and petitions to promote their beliefs.

I’m going to wander down an imaginary situation, so please follow the situation I propose. Let us suppose their statistics are correct, that a majority of the population in the UK are against gay marriage. Let us imagine this to be true. The beliefs of the larger population should not encroach on the rights of the minority. If all of a sudden the larger population decided that all blonde haired people should be round up and shot, this doesn’t mean they should be. We should have equality across all people, in spite of what the majority of the population believe.

How best to get this point across to anti-gay rights activists? I could spout it on every anti-gay rights blog’s comments section, but only a small minority of the people will read it. I could write my own blog, but that’s going to hit even less people. Instead I decided to use their technique against them.

I therefore developed a petition. This petition calls for all anti-gay rights activists to be banned from getting married. I really want this to do well because the more people that sign it the more ridiculous their use of petitions get. It represents that just because people are against others having equality, it doesn’t mean those shouldn’t have that equality. It’s an odd concept to have a situation where you can support gay marriage by signing a petition against marriage. However I do recommend signing the petition and sharing it with friends.

If you wish to contact me you can email me.