We Paid For The Long Campaign


Ben Hosking

Today, after the longest election campaign in modern Australian history, Malcolm Turnbull officially launched the Coalition campaign. No, that’s not a mistake: Turnbull’s campaign officially began today.

After such a long campaign, you might be wondering why The Coalition (and the Greens) waited till today? Here’s a clue:

“Parliamentary entitlements for ministers and shadow ministers, such as travel expenses for politicians and staff, are also provided up until the official start of the campaign period, generally marked by the official campaign launch.”

In other words, all “pre-launch” campaigning has been paid for by us, the taxpayers. Labor started paying its own way last week.

Liberals, Nationals and Greens helped themselves to an extra week on the gravy train, and only start picking up the tab themselves from today.

As a small party with not much money, I think we can excuse the Greens. Besides which, they’re my favourites. Labor? It’s a bit on the nose.

But the party led by a multimillionaire and bankrolled by Gina Rinehart and Rupert Murdoch? Come on, Malcolm, you could have at least tipped in a couple of mil. There’s clearly no moral objection. You’ve already sold your arse to the religious right.

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