Ugandan Hate Blossoms

Photo from Ugandan Embassy FB page

Photo from Ugandan Embassy FB page

This is what Ugandan LGBTI are up against. From the Facebook page of the Ugandan Embassy in Washington (you may not be able to access the page via the link, so here’s what it says there).

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Some 3 to 4 members of the Kuchu Diaspora Alliance (KDA), a community of Ugandan LGBTQ people in the Diaspora, held a demonstration outside Uganda Embassy in Washington, D.C., calling on President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Ugandan lawmakers to withdraw the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in its entirety. They asked President Yoweri Museveni to keep his promise that “gays should not be persecuted or killed”, and ensure that gays are treated humanely and are protected from discrimination.

Muganzi Routhie people can hate n curse n compare us to animals n worse but fact still remains we are here…. And try as they might killing the gay is not going to make uganda a better country…we are as human as the rest of you and if u are all so into that moto “f…See More
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Kinaalwa Peterson Our Motto is For God and our country,so why support homosexuality,its against our religious ad cultural norms.Homosexuality is evil we will not promote it in our country.
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Mukalazi Catherine wat is wrong with them pips? this is africa and we respect our cultural values. i really dnt know how some pipo wud feel if its ur son doing that to you that is if u have one at all. coz as far as i know, gays dnt have kids and spend the rest of their lives living in unhealthy life conditions like wearing pampers and having surgery al the time which shortens their life span.
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Mandi Mbatha Its amazing how “God Fearing” people have so much hate in their hearts! Someone else being gay does not change the price of cheese so why all the hate? It saddens me that even women are part of this homophobic trend nje! Your God is surely not proud of you. You talk about knowing the bible, what happened to “Thou shall not judge?” If the God you serve is one that promotes death of others and hatred then shame! You can keep him. I will gladly go burn in hell! *AsYouWere*
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Jerremmy Oneg gd enough they ar outside Ug otherwise Kaihura boys wd hve gven thm the right dose.
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Kimmy DeVrizzle Y’all at SMUG are amazing. I applaud all your hard work. You are my heroes. I share my love. I feel saddened by all the hate on this page from commenters. Take courage my friends at SMUG, you are on the right side of history.
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Krysto Snr Hoods WELL DONE GUYS! we need pple like u to show the world that its not good to decide for an adult. We are human, we got hearts, we know what we want. Those of u who say its against our culture, i guess u miss out on something!
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Peter Wright let them just remain there en they need to be shoot in the head they die wiz there rubish brain
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Alex Musinguzi ayiiiiiiii man,gays, nxaaaaa we don’t allow homosexuals in our country, its against God’s original plan
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Musinguzi Adson let them come to uganda and do like that we will not need judges but take them to hell which they desire
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Musinguzi Adson let them stay there with their characters .
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Emmy Chain Hahaha!! Era they do that kelele here. Let them go to kampala street n do that n see if da public will agree wid them….i bet they will know where most ugandans stand…
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Virginia Magwaza We Njinji You…you look so gay are you sure you are not experiencing inner fights about whether you should come out or not?
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Samuel Masaba Abo baffe..
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Muggega Warhie Let them go to hell, After all they ran away from our loved nation, we don’t need them here!
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Prince Burnettee be strong brothers and sisterS
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Ssebageya Michael who the hell paid those nuts to promote that satanic actions,the motto is not FOR GOD AND GAY NOR AND WHITES BUT FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY so guys open your eyes and see what is right for our mother land THE PEARL OF AFRICA AND PROTECT OUR CULTURE AND AFRICA AT LARGE
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Virginia Magwaza We Njinji It is amazing how you use God to hate and oppress other people, if you read your history books you will get better information…..little information is dangerous
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Virginia Magwaza We Njinji No one is paid to be who they are and given the fact that there are people like you in this world if LGBTI people could decide to be who they are, they would definitely be what you want them to be just to spare their lives and protect themselves from such hate.
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Mukalazi Catherine i know most gay humans are given money to do such crap but at the end of it all you are losing ur life and that money cannot rescue your life for long and you end up dying. God knew no man can handle having sexual intercourse from behind or else it wud have been clearly stated that man can marry a fellow man and have kids. if u want such immorality, keep urselves away from the normal pipo and dnt drag anyone to your hell. plus keep away from Africa and Uganda at large. we wont accept you here period
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Virginia Magwaza We Njinji Get your facts straight before you spread these horrible lies Mukalazi….. Whites once said they are normal people and got black people enslaved and even killed….u are not different from them. I wonder which God do you serve???????????
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Kato Kayongo oh mi God we hve such criminals hiding there ! let them come home with their bisiaga they face people’s judgement . Am hopeful they can bi made to choose between the two death or live in a holy life what are people of different sex for ? even animals don’t do that.
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Irene Osemwegie You pple go hell gay have to be killed
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Kaziro Martha How could this respectable page post this nonsense? All in the name of AID that even has exploitative conditions. We dont need to stoop too low
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Muggega Warhie those Nigropeans think they can protest their and come here and try to destroy away culture! I asure them that Africa is changing so first than when they ran away.
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Micheal Miles Kibuuka Those shouting are useless pipo to the African society .. they should come back home if they have nothing to do in the USA … Real Ugandans never ask for Aid
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Wileng Beatrice GOD HAVE MERCY….God would have created MAN and MAN or WOMAN and WOMAN…BUT He found it wise to create MAN and WOMAN in His own image .., He said a MAN shall leave his father’s house and get joined to his wife….why DEMONSTRATE AGAINST GOD’S WORDS….Do you want ur children, grand children and your generation to live in sin and under a curse? The bible says,Get wisdom and above all get understanding.STUDY YOUR BIBLE AND BASE YOUR DECISION FROM THE WORD OF GOD. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. AMEN.
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Dickens Heavens Honeystraw Only 3 idlers not people.
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Okello Tonny Hrc Well, good they are not home!!!
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Ssebageya Michael other wise they would have been smashed,
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Dikeledi Deekay Sibanda I’m GAY. I’m also a CHRISTIAN, and I believe in God and Heaven. But I don’t believe I’m going to hell for who I love. There’s lots of issues that ppl can focus on rather thn focusing on gays like you mst b ashamed of your selves coz you are using GOD’s name to hurt other people and you are murderers and rapist.
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Ambrosio Wazabanga Barigye bigups..great work
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