Turbulence at the Health Alliance


Slight Turbulence by Karoley Lorentey

Despite reassuring emails and anodyne presentations to tame client organisations, matters continue to be difficult for all concerned about the National LGBTI Health Alliance.

Sources say Chair Susan Ditter has been considering her position after being invited to resign by at least one of the surviving Directors. Janet Jukes name is being bandied about as a possible replacement.

Meanwhile, despite public support for Executive Director Rebecca Reynolds following her disastrous gaffe over Safe Schools, not to mention the dogs breakfast of a funding submission, she was officially reprimanded at a recent board meeting, and is tipped to be on the way out too.

There appears to be a discrete tussle going on between those who want the Alliance – which needs to find new premises to suit its straitened circumstances – to remain in Sydney, and those who believe it is now Melbourne’s turn to mess things up.

This would align neatly with the rumoured ambitions of a couple of Melbournians to take over the vacant Victorian Directorship and the Executive Directorship respectively.

Things are so ‘fluid’ that no-one has taken time to update the website, which still lists Russell Flynn, Luke Gahan and Nfanwy Welsh as Directors, even though all have now resigned. Even the  Director appointed to replace Welsh has left without ever being listed.

Meanwhile management is spending a wad of its remaining cash to fly all the directors from across Australia into Melbourne for a face to face Board meeting. The more things change…

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