Tranz4mational Election Agenda

Now that the Big Erection oops Election has been called for 2 July 2016 these are some of the key issues we believe should be front and centre in the minds of LGBTI voters.

By Nicola Stevenson, President, Tranz4mations AU & Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed, Media Annuncio of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence Abbey of the Black Swan Perth.

AARP sponsors parade contingent, DC Capital Pride

The LGBTI & HIV Communities and Residential Aged Care

“At the end of the day “anyone” who suggests that LGBTIQ+ or Positive People are treated the same as everyone else within mainstream systems must have rocks in their heads!”  Mary-Jane Singleton from

We believe there is evidence that suggests that in nursing homes LGBTI people often have no choice but to return to the closet and are provided with sub standard medical care laced with discrimination and prejudice.

Given that many residential care facilities are run by Christian organisations with a history of discrimination against lgbti people there is a clear and urgent need for an advocacy service to be established to ensure that LGBTI people are protected from harm when “they are locked up and defenceless “out of sight out of mind” in an aged care facility”. (reference above)

We believe all LGBTI & Positive People need to be safe in ALL residential homes and we do not support those programs that seem designed to put the needs of privileged “wealthy gays” in high end facilities ahead of the “rest of us”!

Support services for Gender Diverse People over 25

We believe the fact that there are No Support services available for over 25s Gender Diverse People in Western Australia is a huge problem that is contributing to high rates of depression and suicide especially amongst trans people. We believe the Federal Government, who hold the purse strings needs to require the WA State Government to provide Equal Opportunity and Services for all and end the age discrimination that allows the WA AIDS Council’s Freedom Centre to close it’s doors to mature age Gender Diverse People who we know often face complex and traumatic barriers to transition which cannot be dealt with in isolation.

We believe that the Federal and State Governments should not force mature age gender diverse people in Western Australia to provide and fund a duplicate service to prevent depression and suicide in the mature age gender diverse population.

We believe in this age of austerity in service provision that it would be sensible to add value to the Freedom Centre by expanding it’s opening hours to allow mature age gender diverse and positive people to utilise the building as a drop in centre during the times when the under 25s are at home in bed.

by Jenny Starley

Training for GPs

Cultural and Psychomedical training and education needs to be provided for GPs, Specialists, Mental Health Services and other providers to prevent dysphoria and gender identity issues from being trivialised or as happens now written off as a mental illness.

We believe there is a urgent need to remove the culture of bullying and discrimination within the medical industry and training and oversight is needed to ensure that harmful cultural practices are not directed at patients, that rather than “do not harm”, lead to self harm and suicide.

As a matter of duty of care the Federal Government needs to include as a condition of funding and establish laws to ensure that Health Consumers are able to make legitimate complaints without the fear of services being cut or punitive revenge conducted by health professionals who have their poor performance legitimately brought to the attention of authorities.

Overseas Doctors Training

It is imperative that the next federal Government addresses Overseas Doctors Training to require that registration accreditation programs address compliance with equal opportunity and human rights legislation.

We believe there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that suggests that some overseas trained doctors bring with them prejudice and discrimination from their home countries, in some of which homosexuality is illegal, resulting in imprisonment or death.

Enhanced training programs will enable overseas trained doctors to better serve sexually and gender diverse people and minimise the harm caused by mistreatment or misdiagnosis caused by deliberate blindness and the importation of dangerous ideologies.

Marriage Equality

We believe as a matter of common sense Marriage Equality should be legislated by the next Parliament of Australia.

We believe that a non binding plebiscite will be an immoral waste of tax payer funds confirming the status of economic vandals on all political parties that support this process.

We believe the real reason why minority factions support this is so that right wing extremist religious groups can carry out a campaign of vilification to bully and intimidate LGBTI people and to further entrench corporate fascism at the heart of Australian politics.

Safe Schools

DC Pride

We believe the next Government needs to ensure that the Safe Schools Program is included in the national curriculum and taught in every School which receives tax payer funds.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence understand that the poor reputation of the AIDS Industry, who seem to be it’s authors, as program developers of the Safe Schools Program is a key cause of concern for large numbers of people in the community.

With this in mind, we suggest that like any Program the Safe Schools Curriculum will need to be evaluated and all stake holders and interest groups should come together in a spirit of mutual respect to ensure that the best outcomes for students, the reduction of violence and bullying in schools, is produced.

We believe the politicised vilification that characterised the recent debate is unhelpful and actively undermines the wellbeing of the whole nation. Those politicians who have done this should be placed last on the House of Reps ballot paper and totally left off your vote in the Senate!

Independent Crime and Corruption Commission

We believe the next Federal Government needs to establish an Independent Crime and Corruption Commission to develop a culture of integrity and accountability.

Royal Commission on Health

We believe the next Federal Government needs to establish a Royal Commission conducted by a newly established ongoing Federal Office of Health Review, into rorting, corruption and bullying within all public/private health systems and non government organisations.

Upon completion of the Royal Commission the Federal Office of Health Review should continue as a vital protection of the rights of patients and employees.

As it currently stands, we believe, too many health consumers in Australia know that if you complain then often your services will be cut or patients receive sub standard care, therefore, The Office should also have the power to prevent punitive actions carried out to intimidate or punish those people who make legitimate complaints.

Human Rights Amendments

2011 Capital Pride Parade – Dupont Circle – Washington, DC

We believe there needs to be a proper Amendment to the Federal Human Rights Commission legislation to provide real protection for HIV and gender diverse people should not have to wait till after they have expensive or unaffordable surgery to be protected from bullies.

It needs to be specifically illegal for anyone to disclose blood borne virus status without consent and this needs to include non government organisation staff, individuals and generally. i.e. We think it should be illegal for anyone to wander around a public event with a clip board revealing someone’s HIV status and all of those “AIDS Council style slip ups at cocktail parties” should be known to be a police matter to enforce the moral fibre of the Community and encourage back bone to prevent nasty bitches from trying to destroy other people’s lives.

We believe there needs to be greater legal protection for people with mental illness to prevent the widespread use of terms designed to undermine the human rights of individuals.

We believe it is a sign of moral bankruptcy when individuals or organisations use the smear of mental illness against someone, without a mental health diagnosis, in social wars and policy debates. This only perpetuates stigma and discrimination against people who genuinely have a mental illness. Lest we forget having a mental illness does not automatically remove a person’s human rights or preclude them from contributing to the develop of public policy on matters of interest to them.

First Nations

Tranz4mations and The Order of Perpetual Indulgence of the Abbey of the Black Swan Perth acknowledges the ownership of the first inhabitants and demands that they are formally recognised in the Constitution.

End War on Drugs

by Blind Nomad

We also believe that as a first step towards ending the failed and fiscally irresponsible war on drugs, marijuana should be legalised based on the model successfully implemented in Colorado.

We believe the Colorado example demonstrates that the legalisation of the drug has shown a marked improvement for the Government in reducing State debt while benefiting the creation and growth of a new industry leading to financial independence for growers from banks and central banks.

Medical Tourism

We believe that Australia is losing out big time to Thai and other medical tourism destinations and more needs to be done to ensure that health consumers are able to choose safe and affordable medical procedures here at home to avoid the dangers of sub standard medical care and financial exploitation that comes with travel overseas.


In conclusion we humbly request that all LGBTI voters make sure that the looks or personality of the candidate are not the only factors that influence voting. At this election we need everyone to consider the backgrounds of all candidates competing for positions on the political gravy train to ensure that none of us vote for homophobes or transphobic tossers – and we are sure you don’t need our help deciding who these are in the current parliament!

Your Turn – What’s Your Agenda?




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