Top Twitter Queers

Who are the best Queers or Queer Friendly people to follow on Twitter?   This is purely subjective and I know many people will have vastly different views, but here are my top picks for queers to follow on Twitter (in no particular order).

Brendan Maclean (@macleanbrendan) Brendan describes himself as “Klipsringer in The Great Gatsby (2012).  Musician. Disgraced presenter on triple j”.  He is also one of the most talented, sexiest and wittiest gay men in the Twitterverse.  A prolific tweeter who is clever, insightful and whimsical in his tweets.

Anthony Venn-Brown (@gayambassador) Anthony is one of those rare bridge builders in the community.  A man who devotes himself to “creating understanding, acceptance and a better world for LGBTI people of faith”.  Being an atheist myself, I tend not to follow those of the religious persuasion, but Anthony Venn-Brown is one of those rare people that can bridge the gap between faith and sexuality.

Matthew Di Toro (@Matteo_DiToro) Matthew is a very young man, still at school.  He posted a wonderful and inspiring video on marriage equality.  The sort of young man that any parent would be proud of.  Someone to watch develop as he grows.

Drs 4 Equality (@drs4equality) This is the counter group to that vile group of Christian fundamentalist “doctors” that made all those hateful submissions to the Senate Enquiry.  A great lobby group, that is getting stronger.  Follow them and support them, especially if you are medical practicioner.

Geoff Thomas (@Geofftheplumber) & Nathan Thomas (@MrPinkCarpet) OK, am cheating here.  You get two for one. A dad and son, both of who inspire.  You will remember Geoff as being the Vietnam Vet who asked Tony Abbott about marriage equality in respect of his gay son.  Follow them both.

Josh Taylor (@joshgnosis) Geek and Gay is the best way to describe Josh.  He is a journo for ZDNET who is witty and sharp.  He is also great for keeping you abreast of geek things too! Bonus.

Elizabeth Windsor (@Queen_UK) Yes this is the Queen, well actually the parody account.  Lots of references to Gin and very entertaining.  No idea who is behind it but a clever parody account that is worth thefollow.

Mrs Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) For those who don’t know who America’s Best Christian is – for shame!  Betty describes herself as so close to Jesus that he uses her birthday when He plays lotto.  She is sharp and funny and has a killer YouTube channel.

Prof Kerryn Phelps (@drkerrynphelps) Who doesn’t know this wonderful advocate for marriage equality and all things GLBTI! Kerryn is one of my favourite lesbians – smart, sharp and passionate.

Benjamin Law (@mrbenjaminlaw) Benjamin is a writer (a damn good one) and a “local homosexual”.  I haven’t quite worked out how one becomes a “local homosexual” but regardless Mr Law is a must follow in my book.

Doug Pollard (@rainbowreporter)A stalwart of the Melbourne gay-rights community, Doug has been fighting the good fight for decades.  Doug’s weekly show on JoyFM brings quality journalism to the LGBT community.  Not only is Doug a “must follow”, but his show is meaty current affairs in a world of endless celebrity gossip.

James Newburrie (@difficultnerd) Do you remember the protests in front of Bob Katter’s electoral offices?  Without this guy they would never have happened. James has recently moved to Melbourne and shares everything about his life with Twitter.  It’s oddly addictive when you work he is a very influential Twitterer with a highly-engaged following of several thousand and growing.

32001names (@32001names) An excellent gay-rights feed that aggregates only the most interesting articles from the gay news services.  Definitely worth a follow.

Senator Penny Wong (@SenatorWong) Everyone’s favourite lesbian senator and advocate for marriage equality.  She is new to Twitter and her posts are basically policy, but may be worth watching as the marriage equality bills progress.   So who else should us queers be following on Twitter?  Let us know.

Rodney Chiang-Cruise (@rodneycruise)