This Weekend YES Events & Freebies

Federation Square lights up with rainbows: Melbourne Town Hall too.

Things are on the move. I have already updated the previous post: check it out for added information.

Waiting for YES

Don’t forget there are flyers and small posters you can download CLICK HERE->

Meanwhile, here’s some more and updated information, events, freebies you can score for enrolling, in no particular order:


Australian Marriage Equality / The Equality Campaign are gearing up for some national activity: this week at least one advertising agency pitched to their Campaign Director for the YES campaign account.

You can order campaign packs from them, as well as just.equal YES merchandise CLICK HERE->


TODAY SATURDAY 19TH AUGUST Torquay Farmers Market 9am – 11am
Geelong CBD Malop Street crossing between Westfield and Market Square 12noon-2pm

Geelong CBD Malop Street crossing between Westfield and Market Square 12noon-2pm


From VICE: Image by Ben Thomson

All you need to do is go to the Australian Electoral Commission website and enrolcheck or update your information, then show the businesses listed on the VICE site a screenshot of your verified enrolment details. These deals are valid until registration closes on 24 August 2017.

They’ll be updating this list over the week, so make sure you’re checking in regularly. If you’re a business who would like to get on board with this initiative, you can contact them here.

If you don’t have a business, you can still take part in getting people to enrol by throwing a party for Equality Weekender, the nationwide enrolment drive taking place this weekend. Register your event and find more information here.


Gay journo says:

I’ve been VERY inspired by so many of you who’ve shared #EnrolForEquality campaigning ideas this week. Jesse Matheson wrote to his neighbours using a lovely VOTE YES illustration by Samuel Leighton-Dore. I’ve adapted the letter a little and will be leafleting in Tony Abbott’s beautiful electorate of Manly this weekend 😉

I’ll let you know how it goes. Message me if you want me to send you the PDF to print it out. 💌


From Lyle Shelton’s home base, signs that all is not well in his backyard – for him, that is.



Sydney party crew Heaps Gay is taking matters into their own hands. From August 17–20, they’re hosting an Equality Weekender. Essentially, it’s a massive, nationwide enrolment drive, involving barbecues, parties and assorted spontaneous events where you can enrol or update your enrolment details right there in the bar via postal forms and iPads.


Great ad in the Herald Sun. Hungry to see lots more corporate ads and TV spots in the days and weeks to come.


As previously advised, they are out and about in the streets and at stations. Rally with them at the State Library on August 26.

Rainbow Labor out and about with Richard Wynn MP


Believe it or not, they do exist. Good on them.

Tony Abbotts sister: family dinners must be heaps fun

If you dress (politically) right, and want to volunteer or donate to their campaign, follow the link above.


Have some very useful tips on how to have respectful conversations and promote YES..


If you have more, photos or videos of your actions etc etc, keep them coming! The more the merrier.

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