They don’t mind losing the right to expel LGBTI kids…

…because they have other ways of punishing them.

Christaliban folks, caught on the hop by the public response to the idea that LGBTI kids can be expelled from schools, are now starting to fight back.

Eternity News reports they have been unable to find a single instance of a religious school ever expelling someone for being LGBTI. So, they ask, why repeal a law no-one uses? Catholic schools have also been quick to say they would never use the law, so there’s no need to repeal it.
But, if religious schools never use the power to expel students for being LGBTI, why not get rid of it?
They want the law left in place, because the mere threat of its existence is enough to cow LGBTI students, parents and teachers into submission.
There are plenty of instances on record of kids being bullied, and schools mounting an ineffective response, or no response at all. The line used to be ‘we don’t have a policy around LGBTI students, because we don’t have any’ but that pig won’t fly any more.
You can find reports like “Writing Themselves In”, reports from Rainbow Families, the gay and lesbian rights lobbies (don’t be lazy, just Google), even newspaper reports, with plenty of evidence.
  • Two mums told their daughter won’t be enrolled.
  • Two dads told not to come to parents nights.
  • Kids told not to talk about their gay parents or face expulsion.
Attitudes may have shifted in some places since the then head of the Australian Christian Lobby said this back in 2011:
“I think that you explain: this is a Christian school, that unless the child is prepared to accept that it is chaste, that it is searching for alternatives as well, that the school may decide that it might be better for the child as well that he goes somewhere else. I think it’s a loving response.”

…but not that much.

The reason there are no stories of LGBTI kids being expelled is that schools know they would face a firestorm if they tried it. So they fly under the radar and use threats, pressure and ‘kindly Christian concern’ to do the job instead.

This gay kid is unhappy at our school? No problem: perhaps she’d be happier elsewhere. This one is being bullied over his gay dads: perhaps you should move him to a school where they know how to handle this.

Check out stories like these: meanwhile, I’m going back to breakfast on my balcony overlooking the Coral Sea!


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