The Unfinished Gay Agenda – Peter Tatchell

Alan Turing & Peter Tatchell: pic by Peter Birkinshaw

Peter Tatchell, the best known gay rights campaigner in Europe, says:

What remains to be done to secure LGBT rights in Britain? PLENTY. We’ve made great progress. Bravo! But there are still battles to be fought & won. I outline some of the “unfinished business”.

However, unresolved issues still remain:

  • the ban on same-sex marriage,
  • religious exemptions from the equality laws,
  • homophobic bullying in schools,
  • inadequate sex and relationship education for LGBT kids,
  • the 12 month blood ban,
  • high rates of mental ill-health and HIV,
  • recreational drug and alcohol abuse,
  • the refusal of asylum to LGBT refugees and,
  • sometimes, the failure of police and prosecutors to tackle anti-LGBT hate crimes (especially when race and religion are involved).

That list holds true for Australian gay rights, too. Tatchell’s full speech is below: set aside 55 minutes of your time very well spent with this Melbourne lad made good. Good to be reminded what it used to be like.