The Start of Healing

Damien ChristieJason Turner wrote to me today and has given me permission to share his message with the stirrer readers – Ed

Today was possibly one of the most emotionally draining days I’ve had in a long time. Today we said goodbye to Damien Christie, who you wrote an article about this week. He was an amazing man who held my heart for a very long time. I took a photo at his funeral today and thought you might like to see it, and even use it if you want a picture for an article.

It was an amazingly beautiful service, and I believe it was the start of healing for a number of other GLBTIQ folk who have struggled with what some of the church has done to them, myself included.

I just hope that more people will seek the help of groups such as freedom2b and MGA counselling if they are struggling with church abuse. It’s not something you can deal with alone. Believe me, I tried.

Now I am a big part in the task of building the bridge between the church and the GLBTIQ community. The fight makes even more sense when it’s someone you love who has taken their life because of the abuse.

The road will be long but the task is an important one.

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I am an openly unashamed gay man. This is who I am and I will not live a lie. I am passionate about seeing young gay Christian men and women live a life full of hope and purpose and see them grow in love for others & God