The Silencing of Free Speech

Andy Caisley

Macklemore can’t sing his song

Alan Joyce can’t champion the cause

Companies have to keep to their knitting

The law society can’t have an opinion

An advocacy group can’t send an sms

Everyday Aussies can’t door knock

The AFL can’t have a YES sign

A 14yo schoolgirl can’t make a post

A house can’t have flags outside

A church can’t display a sign

A dog can’t wear a scarf

Councils can’t make statements

Doctors can’t speak to the science

And public broadcasters can’t call it “equality”

Those against marriage equality are really champions of control, not freedom. If you support actual freedom (including the freedom of LGBTI couples to have federal formal legal recognition of their relationships), vote YES 🙂

Ivan Hinton-Teoh, just.equal

About the author

Ivan first came to prominence as one of the organisers of Rainbows Over Margaret Court Arena. He went on to become one of the leading lights of Australian Marriage Equality, and the left to found just.equal. He works closely with Shelley Argent and Rodney Croome for equal marriage.