The Personal Isn’t Political For Our New PM

“Must see the doc about this heartburn”
pic by Beverley & Pack

I recently mused on Facebook about the odd disconnect between Tony Abbott’s support for his lesbian sister Christine Forster and his trans army mate, Cate (formerly Malcolm) McGregor.

How is it that his evident love for his sister and unshaken friendship with his mate doesn’t translate into any kind of will to political action? My question set Linda Kerrie Petrie thinking.



I thought about your question, your good question,  you posed on Facebook some days go about Tony Abbott’s disconnect between, for example his daughter’s and sister’s overtures, and relationship with former ‘boy’ hood mate Cate McGregor, and his application of any apparent effectiveness into political declarations or apparent position on policy?

Scariest of all the possibilities that occur to me is that his intelligence, or type of intelligence, simply doesn’t extend to that degree of application. I don’t like using value judgement terms like ‘he’s  maybe too dumb’, but maybe he is just plain really intellectually struggling with the conundrum and ‘praying’ some answer will manifest itself to him in time?

Outside any other explanations, speaking as a very experienced counsellor, that would seem to be borne out by what I’ve seen of his verbal responses on television. For example, I’ve yet to see any responses which don’t commence with “Um. Err-r”, while many are very monosyllabic.

That could be down to advice to talk down to a general public’s lowest intelligence quotient, or political advice in the planned lead up to his take over as PM to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) so as to not put his foot in it.

BUT then I heard his statements about his international level meeting with Indonesia’s President Susilo Bangbang Yudoyono and god help me! Nothing but mother hood statements. Is this just keeping his cards close to his chest and a policy like The Boats? –  tell no body nothin!?

Does seem to be very clever in some ways overall doesn’t it? Chuck a line in beating up boat people in Abbott’s Murdoch press, and about a non existent deficit year in year out, and despite Labor people everywhere saying to Rudd, Gillard and Swann “don’t take the bait, don’t fall for it”, but they went ahead, paranoid, and they did. Hook line and sinker.

And now it’s all over, silence again. With the help of Abbott and Pell’s Murdoch Press, the Boats issue will fade away (like the commission into child sexual abuse outcomes) and be covered up, with the LNP lining their pockets as they flog off the farm – this time to the Indonesians just like successive LNP governments have done for decades and decades, like a well oiled machine I’m afraid.

All too a simplistic an answer. No head of a country could be that thick and get away with it! The country would collapse wouldn’t it?

Well I give you George W Bush and the USA.  He was. And it did – The GFC.