The AIDS Councils Are Working

photo by Lloyd Blakely

photo by Lloyd Blakely

David Menadue is a long-time survivor with HIV and well known for his work with VAC, Living Positive etc.

I have to say Doug that your commentary on the AIDS councils lack of action on PrEP Why Are We Waiting? PreP Now! is quite unfair.

Apart from the glaring inconsistency– who do you think convinced NSW Health Minister Gillian Skinner to find all those places– ACON of course in a very diligent negotiation against the wishes of many in the Baird government.

And do you know that VAC is working with Ministers in the current Labor Govt to fund 2 200 places with an announcement hopefully in the near future.

There was some hope that it would be announced on World AIDS Day but there is a reasonably firm promise it will happen soon.

I’m not disputing that Gilead should have had more pressure exerted on it several years ago but AIDS Councils have been trying to do that for some time. They are the main reason though that we have PrEP trials happening here now.

Good on those guys for setting up their own buyers club but it hasn’t been essential to date. You can import it yourself with a doctors script quite easily. The cost keeps going down.

The African option does offer cheap access for people who can’t afford it and that is to be applauded. It’s not quite as black and white as you say though.