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LGBTI Funding Slashed

The LGBTI Health Alliance is in a fight for its life, and may be forced to downsize, or even close. As the Turnbull government, continuing the work begun under Tony Abbott and…

The AIDS Councils Are Working

It’s not that black & white

Why Are We Waiting? PreP Now!

Processes can be circumvented, or just ignored.


The Wisdom of Shaun Robinson

The Rainbow Reporter asks why the local AIDS industry is so reluctant to acknowledge its failures or learn from others success.

AIDS Councils silent on discrimination law reform

Is it time to defund the AIDS councils and give the money to useful people?

Rapid HIV Testing: not so fast!

Rapid HIV testing has been approved for use in Australia, but does this mean we can throw away the condoms and start hosting bareback parties?


Rainbow Report on HIV Prevention

HIV rates are rising in Victoria: are we attacking this in the right way? Can we learn anything from the successful New Zealand campaigns? Join me 1900hrs AEDST on Joy.94.9 Melbourne and online.

Not Your Mother

Miles Heffernan tackles the conundrum of how you measure the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS education, in the light of the Queensland government’s defunding of the local AIDS body, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities. Find Miles on Twitter @Mileshef

Sister 72 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sis

Bare Reality Facing HIV Organisations

In Part One of a three-part series looking at the challenges in HIV prevention, Miles Heffernan (@MilesHef) looks at the dilemma HIV prevention organisations face, when effective measures may not be politically palatable.