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Freshly Doug Thursday

First up today, a short farewell. Before there was the stirrer, there was a blog called Current Affairs, but I’m about to close that down. For a nostalgic look back,…

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Freshly Doug Monday

While I was being gently steamed in the humid Queensland climate, people got their marching shoes on in Gladstone and Albury in support of marriage equality, while Shepparton had a gay…

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Freshly Doug Weekender

Boardroom homocons for LGBT rights; irresponsible ‘Truvada Whores’; Uganda – hackers & banks fight Bill; Nigeria to jail LGBT; all Freshly Doug for your weekend.

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Freshly Doug Tuesday

Did Queensland get it right, defunding QAHC? And are we going to ignore the coming Ugandan LGBT holocaust?


Freshly Doug Cup Day

It’s Melbourne Cup Day, so everyone here has the day off. Actually, most people took yesterday off too. And Friday. So excuse me if today’s little nosegay of fragrant internet…

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Freshly Doug Thursday

Uganda Kill Gays Bill revived; gay heroine retires; Daylesford ChillOut time; and handsome men who can’t take compliments. Freshly Doug for you this Thursday.

by DFID - UK Department for International Development

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Nice to see a conservative prime minister – well, any party leader, really, but especially one whose grassroots membership are not fully behind him on this – taking a positive…

Dragoncastle Gay Asia

Freshly Doug Weekender

The Australian Christaliban Lobby, Bill Meuhlenberg and the other local subsidiaries of US evangelical multinational corporations have been spruiking the so-called ‘Regnerus Study’, claiming it proves that straight parenting is…