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Freshly Doug Thursday

Athlete allies, apologetic mayors, slap in the face for Egyptian gays, and a potential holocaust in Uganda.


Freshly Doug Monday

Another hot day: thoughts go out to friends nearby in the Daylesford area of Victoria, especially Jim, whose farm has been badly damaged by fire before, and Patrick, who moved…

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Black Voices Not All Anti-Gay

Sometimes it seems that the worst thing you can be in black and gay in Africa & the Caribbean. But there are signs of change.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Gareth takes his “Tatts on Ice”;Dolly gets death threats;Cheyenne goes gay;send a letter to Senate.


Freshly Doug Weekender

HIV drugs an add-on, not a replacement, for condoms; Uganda ‘Kill Gays’ promoter visits Pope; Illinois the next marrying state?


Freshly Doug Thursday

Uganda: that bill, and what it’s like in the country now; Gareth Thomas in panto; Germany stalls on equality; more anti-equality junk mail from Catholic bishops.

Rana Sinha http://www.flickr.com/photos/56761195@N00

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Tatchell says no need for hate-speech laws; LGBT holocaust exhibition tours US; can Pepsico save Ugandan gays; evidence of what does stop HIV infections rising.

Dave Gough http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacepleb/

Freshly Doug Thursday

Mardi Gras lineup; death penalty still in Uganda Bill; gay parents breed terrorists, allegedly; Palmer & Katter in bed together; CIA turns lavender.

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Freshly Doug Tuesday

Puritans winning everywhere: Australia, UK, Uganda, Libya. Just a few rays of light in a dark time.


Freshly Doug Weekender

23rd Nov 1992 Australia lets gays & lesbians serve openly in the armed forces – UK 200, USA 2012. Well done Aussies! And other morsels from around the rest of the world.