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Terror in Uganda: Mass Arrests, More Coming

Arrests of LGBTI across Uganda gather pace, police say will continue till New Year

Ugandan Police Hunt Down Gay Activists

LGBTq activists going into hiding, fleeing to safe houses

Coca Cola: Sponsor Freedom & Equality in Uganda!

They sponsor homophobia in Russia: why not freedom in Africa?

Gay & Desperate in Uganda

We fight for marriage:Ugandans fight for life


Ugandan Lesbian Dies After Violent Removal from UK

Jackie Nanyonjo may have feared to seek treatment


Freshly Doug Tuesday

In brief: Tachell mulls outing gay opponents; more Uganda; Queensland turning homophobic.

My International Agenda – David Parker

It’s Mardi Gras. You’re waiting to march. Suddenly the sky is full of military helicopters and armoured personnel carriers ring Hyde Park. They’re coming for you: and your family, friends . . . . . . .


Freshly Doug Weekender

West Ham tackles homophobia: Nigeria, Uganda & Bairnsdale celebrate it. Funny old world.


Freshly Doug Wednesday

NSW same-sex marriage not for non-residents; Uganda, this time with added Fry.