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Freshly Doug Monday

Those pesky religious exemptions, gay muslims, intersex discrimination, Christian Lobby versus Christian church, Freshly Doug for Monday


Freshly Doug Thursday

Wedding in Spain, rotten eggs in Russia, zombies against Westboro, Christaliban in Africa: do they know it’s Xmas?


Freshly Doug Weekender

23rd Nov 1992 Australia lets gays & lesbians serve openly in the armed forces – UK 200, USA 2012. Well done Aussies! And other morsels from around the rest of the world.

NASA Goddard

Freshly Doug Monday

A supersonic parachute into sponsorship heaven, rainbows in Russian milk while NSW government teats dry up, and real fascism ignored while we are painted in Nazi colours. Welcome to another week.

Adrian Korte http://www.artikelwissen.info/

Freshly Doug Wednesday

All hail our straight allies; the power of personal contact with pollies; women beware gay men hunting eggs; Russian law doesn’t ban Prides; Joburg Pride attacked – by lesbians; and a new Magna Carta for minorities, in todays Freshly Doug treasures from around the world.

Gay and Christian boat by Amber De Bruin http://www.flickr.com/photos/amberdebruin

Freshly Doug on Wednesday

The end of ex-gay – but not in Russia. The Anglicans wait on their new Archbishop. Millionaire offers bounty to turn his daughter straight. When will Oz follow the UK and wipe ot past gay convictions? Plus blasphemy at the UN,Paris Hilton dumped, and the Bigot of the Year. What do YOU think? Want to write more than just a comment on one of these stories? Send your pitch to doug@thestirrer.com.au.