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Freshly Doug Weekender

The two great world religions, soccer and Catholicism, do ‘gay’ rather differently.


How to get gay-marriage back on track

Let’s start with a simple fact: the Australian gay-marriage campaign has lost this round.  Marriage, for the rainbow community, isn’t legal (with the exception of transgendered individuals with opposite sex…

Steven Damron http://www.flickr.com/photos/sadsnaps

Freshly Doug Weekender

DOMA dies another death, French ‘child welcome’ leave extended to all, same-sex adoption OK in Northern Ireland, The Roman Church the biggest financiers of gay hate, a footballer struggles to be sensitive, and more, Freshly Doug for the weekend from the depths of the web.


Freshly Doug For National Coming Out Day

Items Freshly Doug from the worlkd’s LGBTIQ news, good and bad, with a dose of robust anti-clericalism for good measure. And a nice gesture by Guy Sebastian.

Adrian Korte http://www.artikelwissen.info/

Freshly Doug Wednesday

All hail our straight allies; the power of personal contact with pollies; women beware gay men hunting eggs; Russian law doesn’t ban Prides; Joburg Pride attacked – by lesbians; and a new Magna Carta for minorities, in todays Freshly Doug treasures from around the world.