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Time For Real Equality

We need to stop kowtowing to these overmighty prelates and demand that they be put on an equal footing with us and everyone else.


Religious Freedom For Child Abusers

The Catholic Church rebels against the law, and expects the Prime Minister will support them


Folau’s Foul

Does GoFundMe permit fundraising for homophobia?

What Is To Be Done?

Ever since the election I’ve been struggling to find something useful to say about the future for the Australian LGBTI community, and consistently coming up empty. Fortunately, others have written…

Letter to Warren Entsch MP

Hi Warren,Well, I said I was going to do it, and I finally have. I have left Melbourne and taken up residence in our apartment in Clifton Beach. Which means…

Letter to Leader of the Opposition

Anthony.AlbaneseMP@aph.gov.au mark.dreyfus.mp@aph.gov.au Dear Mr Albanese,I have been a campaigner, writer, journalist and broadcaster on LGBTI rights for almost 50 years: one of the founders of Gay News in London in…

Letter to the Prime Minister

The LGBTI community needs to let government and opposition know that we are alarmed at the dangers posed by empowering religious organisations to discriminate against us. I have written to…

Let LGBTI Kids Be Free & Equal

Religious schools must operate under the same laws as all others


Re: Sex Discrimination (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018

The Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee is currently taking submissions on the Sex Discrimination (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018. The Bill, introduced by Penny Wong, amends the Sex Discrimination Act…