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Rapid HIV Testing: not so fast!

Rapid HIV testing has been approved for use in Australia, but does this mean we can throw away the condoms and start hosting bareback parties?


Rainbow Report on HIV Prevention

HIV rates are rising in Victoria: are we attacking this in the right way? Can we learn anything from the successful New Zealand campaigns? Join me 1900hrs AEDST on Joy.94.9 Melbourne and online.

According to the Evidence

Jim Hyde, a committed, passionate and expert Public Health Policy professional, reckons we need a new HIV Prevention Task Force. He was Director, Prevention and Population Health (formerly Public Health) in the Victorian Department of Health and is a board member of the Institute of Public Administration Vic (IPAA), and the AIDS Trust of Australia.

Sister 72 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sis

Bare Reality Facing HIV Organisations

In Part One of a three-part series looking at the challenges in HIV prevention, Miles Heffernan (@MilesHef) looks at the dilemma HIV prevention organisations face, when effective measures may not be politically palatable.