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We’re Cash Cows For The Pharma

Living with HIV: the conflict of interest between AIDS organisations and the pharmaceutical industry – by James May On another World AIDS Day, I wish I could believe a cure…

PreP Approved For PBS Listing

Recommended for listing

PreP: Best Shot We Have

Quibbles re PreP Overdone?

The AIDS Councils Are Working

It’s not that black & white

Why Are We Waiting? PreP Now!

Processes can be circumvented, or just ignored.


HIV Up – Condoms Down – What Now?

Something to think about as we celebrate our stunted unequal ‘marriages’ in Canberra


The Wisdom of Shaun Robinson

The Rainbow Reporter asks why the local AIDS industry is so reluctant to acknowledge its failures or learn from others success.

Rapid HIV Testing: not so fast!

Rapid HIV testing has been approved for use in Australia, but does this mean we can throw away the condoms and start hosting bareback parties?