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Freshly Doug Weekender

US Supremes flooded with friendly briefs, while the Old Pope’s curios domestic arrangements are causing comment.


Freshly Doug Tuesday

Goodbye and good riddance, Mr Ratzinger; Tony Abbott in hiding; US servicecouples get military benefits.


Freshly Doug Tuesday

Sir Ian McKellen becomes Dr. Serena,Rees-Mogg lets the Catholic out of the bag,Turkish soldiers fired for ‘the homosexual offence, and more.


Freshly Doug Monday

Another hot day: thoughts go out to friends nearby in the Daylesford area of Victoria, especially Jim, whose farm has been badly damaged by fire before, and Patrick, who moved…


Freshly Doug Weekender

HIV drugs an add-on, not a replacement, for condoms; Uganda ‘Kill Gays’ promoter visits Pope; Illinois the next marrying state?

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Freshly Doug Thursday

First up today, a short farewell. Before there was the stirrer, there was a blog called Current Affairs, but I’m about to close that down. For a nostalgic look back,…