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Terror In Nigeria: Mass Arrests Widen

More arrests in more Nigerian towns and cities reported.

Hatemongering Nigerian Pastor Coming To Australia

Contact Immigration minister & ask him to refuse a visa for this dangerous man

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Copping it rough at Mardi Gras, annd another gay press group falling?


Freshly Doug Weekender

West Ham tackles homophobia: Nigeria, Uganda & Bairnsdale celebrate it. Funny old world.

Rana Sinha http://www.flickr.com/photos/56761195@N00

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Tatchell says no need for hate-speech laws; LGBT holocaust exhibition tours US; can Pepsico save Ugandan gays; evidence of what does stop HIV infections rising.

The Tax Haven http://www.flickr.com/photos/83532250@N06

Freshly Doug Weekender

Boardroom homocons for LGBT rights; irresponsible ‘Truvada Whores’; Uganda – hackers & banks fight Bill; Nigeria to jail LGBT; all Freshly Doug for your weekend.