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Footballers coming out: it’s not about them

US team sports again leading Australia & Europe


US Football Leads The Way on Gay

The US National Football League once again puts Aussie sport, especially the AFL, to shame.


Freshly Doug Thursday

Calls to end anti-bullying program; witch-hunt for gay players; corporate US for equal marriage


Freshly Doug Weekender

Kattermite explains his prejudices, NFL has the debate the AFL won’t, UK HIV rates stuck, and Craig Thomson’s strip search.

Freedom to Marry http://www.flickr.com/photos/marriageequality/

NFL puts AFL to Shame

Chris Kluwe – the thinking man’s American footballer (NFL), lays it on the line to the trolls and neanderthals who rule sport, and points the way forward for our own AFL sporting code and players.

Steven Damron http://www.flickr.com/photos/sadsnaps

Freshly Doug Weekender

DOMA dies another death, French ‘child welcome’ leave extended to all, same-sex adoption OK in Northern Ireland, The Roman Church the biggest financiers of gay hate, a footballer struggles to be sensitive, and more, Freshly Doug for the weekend from the depths of the web.