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Burns, Israel, and Erasure

Just at the point when we have hardly ever been more visible in society and the culture, an equal and opposite push to erase us – to push us back…


15 G.A.Y.* Agenda Items

More like notes for an agenda, really, since new issues are surfacing regularly during this interminable election campaign. Random jottings, in no particular order, pulling together issues I have come…


Cut Marriage From Same-Sex Marriage Act To Win Marriage

Not having equality can make you sick, but faux-equality can make you sicker.

Jacinta Collins: Quacking Like A Duck

Kevin’s choice for mental health & ageing fails to reassure LGBTI voters

Rudd’s New Cabinet: Thank God It’s Only Till The Election

New Mental Health Minister Jacinta Collins is no friend to the LGBTI community.

Ministerial Advisory Committee

Full list of members.


Deputy Chief Psychiatrist Goes

In April the GLBTI community called for Prof Kuruvilla George to be removed as Deputy Chief Psychiatrist of Victoria: now his job is being advertised.