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Rainbow Report 25/2/21

The more people are locked down, the more the anti-gay hate ratchets up, it seems. Israel, Tunisia, Jamaica, Ghana, Chechnya… the list goes on and on.

"24hr Swimathon Supports Berkeley's June 2010 Measure C" by Seth Goddard is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You Get What You Pay For

We get the gay press we’re prepared to pay for. And we’re not prepared to pay for it. Put up, or shut up.

The Gayness of Mayor Pete

Pete not gay enough to vote for? Or just too conservative?

Open Letter

The government has indicated it will introduce a ‘religious freedom’ bill at the beginning of July. There are grave concerns about this (and so should you) because Labor are now looking to support it in the wake of their election loss. Some sections of the LGBTI community are also talking about a possible ‘compromise’ – but there can be no compromises on equality. Either we are equal, or we are not. I have signed: will you?


Switching Codes

You can switch codes and religions, but not skin or sexuality


Coming Out Day

Bye closet!

Flyers To Download & Print

________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATED 30/8/2017 FLYER/POSTER/LEAFLET FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD & PRINT _______________________________________________________________________________ the stirrer has produced a poster/leaflet for you to download and spread around scroll down for the links It’s…

World (except Oz) Condemns Murders of Chechen Gay Men

Australian government silent as gay men are abducted, tortured and murdered in Chechnya See below for actions YOU can take International protests against the ‘disappearing’, torture, incarceration and murder of…