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"Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016" by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Rainbow Report 20/02/21

Intelligence agency makes intelligent move Once upon a time Britain’s gay spies used to defect: now MI6 is saying sorry for past ill-treatment and welcoming us with open arms. Took…

"Prescription Prices Ver1" by ccPixs.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ending HIV? Don’t Believe The Hype

People with HIV/AIDS are frustrated that the AIDS Inc industry seems to have settled for ‘undetectable’ as ‘good enough’: where is the pressure for a cure?

Kaleidoscope Needs Your Help

Please donate to help us fight anti-gay laws across our region.


HIV Up – Condoms Down – What Now?

Something to think about as we celebrate our stunted unequal ‘marriages’ in Canberra


Freshly Doug Monday

Cardinal O’Brien’s gay adventures known in Rome since 2001; cure for HepC blocked; Green mom shines.


Infant Circumcision: Cut It Out

The only person who has the right to decide whether a boy should be circumcised is the boy himself, when he’s of age.


My Negative Agenda – James Rendell

James Rendell declines to support the gay agenda, because it does not support him.


My Gay Agenda – David Menadue

David Menadue has lived with HIV since 1984, one of the first people in Australia to be diagnosed with the virus