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Beyond Priscilla: One Man One Ute & A Cuppa

A gay man, a gay truck and a cuppa: a simple formula to charm the outback

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Your Rainbow Reporter, pursuing true journalistic balance with Alan Jones’ Suspenders, ‘contracepting’ women turning men gay, as the Vatican tries to stymie an abuse enquiry, and fears over new HIV prevention strategy.


Freshly Doug Monday

A daily digest of news from around the world from your veteran Rainbow Reporter.

Vernon Swanepoel http://www.flickr.com/photos/namibnat

Freshly Doug on Friday

Tasmanian Marriage sunk or only listing? Fed MP votes against 73% of her electorate. UK Labor makes pro-equality vote compulsory. Twitter is homophobe heaven. And more, on the last news roundup of the week.

Freshly Doug on Thursday

Tassie marriage doomed; Vatican ramps up hate; gay takeover of Swiss town; Pink Oktoberfest; gay-free pro-gay ads: and a little Adam Lambert.

Gay and Christian boat by Amber De Bruin http://www.flickr.com/photos/amberdebruin

Freshly Doug on Wednesday

The end of ex-gay – but not in Russia. The Anglicans wait on their new Archbishop. Millionaire offers bounty to turn his daughter straight. When will Oz follow the UK and wipe ot past gay convictions? Plus blasphemy at the UN,Paris Hilton dumped, and the Bigot of the Year. What do YOU think? Want to write more than just a comment on one of these stories? Send your pitch to doug@thestirrer.com.au.