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The Law Can’t Make A Man Love Me, But It Can Stop Him Lynching Me, says French Gay Groom

“I only have one fear about this marriage, that our lives won’t be long enough.”


Vive La France – But Hold The Champagne

Apply to adopt your own kids, intersex excluded . . .


Freshly Doug Wednesday

NASA’s Mars rover reads the beads; Kattermites still imploding; more Athlete Allies; France advances, Russia retreats.

Tim Marshall http://www.flickr.com/photos/duzo/

Freshly Doug Monday

A good news Monday: rapid HIV test approved; Victoria may remove spent convictions; AFL moves forward, maybe; conservatives embrace gay rights.


Freshly Doug Thursday

Uganda: that bill, and what it’s like in the country now; Gareth Thomas in panto; Germany stalls on equality; more anti-equality junk mail from Catholic bishops.


Freshly Doug Monday

Lazy news day today, as half of Melbourne takes at least half a day off ahead of the Melbourne Cup tomorrow.  Thinking of filling the space with a recipe column…