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The Unfinished Gay Agenda – Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell on what’s been done & what still needs to be done for equality.


Anti-Discrimination Law Changes – Act Now

‘Religious’ organisations want to keep their special privileges to discriminate against de factos, single mums, gays & lesbians: end them now.


The Labor Party’s lost my respect . . and my vote.

Bye bye progress, bye bye social democracy, bye bye moderates, bye bye radicals, bye bye reformers: Labor has jettisoned you all.


Freshly Doug Tuesday

Some aged care providers don’t want us. Which ones? Christian ones!

The Importance Of Sports In Our Fight Against The Bullies

Sports are a major part of the Australian way of life. It’s just who we are. And that should also include the LGBTIQ community. Because the LGBTIQ community is also part of the Australian people.


How to get gay-marriage back on track

Let’s start with a simple fact: the Australian gay-marriage campaign has lost this round.  Marriage, for the rainbow community, isn’t legal (with the exception of transgendered individuals with opposite sex…

Angie Garrett http://www.flickr.com/photos/smoorenburg/

Discrimination Fail: Intersex

The inclusion of Intersex has been uncontroversial in Tasmania legislation, says OII, so why it would be so in federal legislation?


Rainbow Report: Religion in Secular Schools

Get the PodCast of this Rainbow Report on Religion in Schools here http://www.cpod.org.au/page.php?id=25

Lloyd Morgan http://www.flickr.com/photos/lloydm/

An Open Letter to Alex Somlyay MP – Fairfax, Queensland

Chrys Stevenson was outraged when her MP voted against marriage equality. You know the saying “don’t get mad, get even”? In this post, reposted with her kind permission from her blog http://thatsmyphilosophy.wordpress.com/ she does both. Chrys is a first-class writer with a determination to ferret out the facts that is second to none. And a real Stirrer!