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Coming Out Day

Bye closet!


Coming Out in the 21st Century

Coming out is the one political statement we all have to make, especially celebs.


Rainbow Report on Soft Tackles

Tackling homophobia in sport is underfunded and, it seems, too easily relegated to the backburner. Rainbow Report Thurs 7pm AEDST Joy 94.9 Melbourne, phoe app/online www.joy.org.au/listenlive

The Tax Haven http://www.flickr.com/photos/83532250@N06

Freshly Doug Weekender

Boardroom homocons for LGBT rights; irresponsible ‘Truvada Whores’; Uganda – hackers & banks fight Bill; Nigeria to jail LGBT; all Freshly Doug for your weekend.

Freedom to Marry http://www.flickr.com/photos/marriageequality/

NFL puts AFL to Shame

Chris Kluwe – the thinking man’s American footballer (NFL), lays it on the line to the trolls and neanderthals who rule sport, and points the way forward for our own AFL sporting code and players.