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Religious Freedom For Child Abusers

The Catholic Church rebels against the law, and expects the Prime Minister will support them


I’m not writing a post today. Instead, I’m pointing at what others have written at the latest – but by no means the final – disgusting revelations of the sexual…


“NO” Campaign Insidious Child Abuse

The “no to equal marriage” campaign is unwittingly promoting child abuse Warning: discussion of domestic violence, suicide and self harm The elephant in the room of course, is that our…


Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Who is required by law to report child abuse etc. across Australia and state by state.


Stand by for Incoming

The child abuse inquiry is going to create dangerous times for the LGBTI community. We must be prepared.

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Freshly Doug Weekender

Priestly pack rape & murder; backtracking in Hong Kong & Malawi; Christian Lobby rebuffed; Rachel Maddow’s reality check. All Freshly Doug for the weekend.

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Support Our Stories On Screen

The more people see gay people and gay lives in movies and on television, the more gay rights advance. Here are two great opportunities for all of us to help…