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It’s The Mad Witches Work!

Mad Fucking Witches are doing most of the work to Sack Alan Jones, but the media aren’t giving them the credit – or talking to them (except the Guardian).


Freshly Doug Weekender

Australian Christian Lobby v The Evil One (us) From the ABC’s Lateline: BEN MCLEAN: The chairman of the ACL board Tony McLellan says Australia is in the midst of a…

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Your Rainbow Reporter, pursuing true journalistic balance with Alan Jones’ Suspenders, ‘contracepting’ women turning men gay, as the Vatican tries to stymie an abuse enquiry, and fears over new HIV prevention strategy.

Eva Rinaldi http://www.flickr.com/photos/evarinaldiphotography

Alan Jones

Alan Jones goes too far. Stirrer-in-chief Doug Pollard says kick him where it hurts repeatedly. In the moneybags.