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Ending HIV? Don’t Believe The Hype

People with HIV/AIDS are frustrated that the AIDS Inc industry seems to have settled for ‘undetectable’ as ‘good enough’: where is the pressure for a cure?

We’re Cash Cows For The Pharma

Living with HIV: the conflict of interest between AIDS organisations and the pharmaceutical industry – by James May On another World AIDS Day, I wish I could believe a cure…


LGBTI Funding : The Gorilla

Who will dominate when the dust settles?


LGBTI Funding Slashed

The LGBTI Health Alliance is in a fight for its life, and may be forced to downsize, or even close. As the Turnbull government, continuing the work begun under Tony Abbott and…

The AIDS Councils Are Working

It’s not that black & white

Why Are We Waiting? PreP Now!

Processes can be circumvented, or just ignored.


Freshly Doug Wednesday

ACONs new strategy, Daniel Andrews & Clem Newton-Brown agree, make Mount Scopius Jewish College safe, Jason Ball, AFL and oh! The UK marriage vote!

AIDS Councils silent on discrimination law reform

Is it time to defund the AIDS councils and give the money to useful people?

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Freshly Doug Tuesday

Did Queensland get it right, defunding QAHC? And are we going to ignore the coming Ugandan LGBT holocaust?

Not Your Mother

Miles Heffernan tackles the conundrum of how you measure the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS education, in the light of the Queensland government’s defunding of the local AIDS body, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities. Find Miles on Twitter @Mileshef