Support LGBTI Indonesia as Govt Cracks Down

A new anti-gay wave of oppression is sweeping across Indonesia, our nearest neighbor

Right now, within Indonesia’s Parliament, there are strong and coordinated moves to criminalise homosexual acts.

This follows an organized and rising campaign of oppression within the country:

  • More than 300 Indonesians were arrested following police raids on saunas in 2017 for alleged LGBT behavior – the majority charged under existing Pornography Laws.
  • Two men were publicly flogged in Aceh Province for living privately in a gay relationship. And 12 transwomen had their hair forcibly cut in public.
  • Google, under pressure, has pulled the gay dating app, Blued, from the Indonesian version of its online store.
  • And Depok, the satellite city to Jakarta, this month set up a “taskforce” to curb the activities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The traditional tolerant nature of Indonesian society is under serious threat. Please support those groups and individuals within Indonesia who are fighting back.

See full report from CNN here Fear and horror among Indonesia’s LGBT community as gay sex ban looms.

Attend the fundraising dinner and movie launch for the activist group Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Flow) on Friday 6 April.

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