Statement by Miles Heffernan

I have been a contributor with Qnews spanning over 5 years.

From early April 2012 Ray explained to me that HIV was on the increase in Brisbane and that QAHC was to blame. He said that Paul Martin had lost touch and that QAHC were too large and had become an out of control corporation that lost their way. He explained that Mr Martin never attended meetings any more and that they had staff explosion wasting money on projects that were ineffective.

He also explained that QAHC were stupid for appointing Deeje Hancock his former manager of QNews. He said certain people promoting safe sex messages employed by QAHC were involved group sex orgies (which I now know to be referred to as Sexually Adventurous Men).

Ray is angry at Deeje and remains bitter at him over how he worked at QNews. There is no love lost between the two of them.

Ray said he intended to meet with the new Health Minister and that he was going to expose QAHC as being out of touch.

I do not know if he ever met the minister before the defunding of QAHC announcement, I was assigned the role of covering the story by the editor, not Mr Mackereth.

On the Sunday QAHC’s defunding was announced, I had a long conversation with Cameron Thompson the Minister’s Media Advisor and separately also with Paul Martin from QAHC. At around lunch time I rang Ray to let him the progress. He was not aware that the editor had given me the story and immediately got angry.

He told me to not do any more work on this. As I only usually wrote political material, my suspicions were heightened as to what is going on.

I told Ray to stop bullshitting me and tell me the truth. He said “Miles its done and I do want you working on it”.

After some discussions with the editor, I resigned as a contributor because I felt compromised.

When I later read the statement of the source, it fitted hand and glove with Ray told me he was going to do.

However if Ray had done this, I don’t think the media advisor Mr Thompson was aware of it.

About the author

Miles has worked as an advocate and mediator for most of his life. His previous career was focussed on employment and discrimination cases. He now is a journalist and writer with a keen interest in LGBTI affairs and national politics. He plays on Twitter under @mileshef.