Someone is Lying About Kevin Andrews


UPDATE: It’s been reported that Andrews has pulled out of the event because it’s now being hosted by Danny Naliah’s Catch The Fire Ministries (scroll down for details), because he thinks they’re ‘too extreme’!  Oh the irony!


Kevin Andrews, Social Services Minister,  will open the World Congress of Families Melbourne event on Saturday. He claims that he is doing this despite the fact that he doesn’t entirely agree with them. So why was he chosen to lead the event?

Could it be because he is actually an officer of the World Congress of Families? They certainly seem to think so. This is from their publicity

This is confirmed on the WCF website, though there he’s given the even more suggestive title of Ambassador. So he’s not just their International Secretary, he’s also their International Ambassador: not just an officer, but also a spokesperson.

Kevin Andrews international Ambassador

Kevin Andrews international Ambassador

Google provides us with a helpful definition of the word Ambassador.a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

  • “he is a good ambassador for the industry”
    champion,supporterbacker, upholder, protagonistbooster

    Now you tell me: why would an organisation even have as a member, let alone choose as its secretary, ambassador and opening speaker at its conference, and award him the title of Natural Family Man of the Year, a man who is a less than wholehearted supporter?

    Someone is telling porkies. I wonder who?
    Andrews links
    Referred to as Secretary
    Referred to as Ambassador

    Catch the Fire Ministries Inc.

    30 Star Crescent
    Hallam 3803

    Preferred Postal Address:

    (PO Box 148, Hallam, Victoria, 3803 Australia)

    Overseas Phone: (613) 9703 1620 & Fax (613) 8786 3062

    Within Australia: (03) 9703 1620 & Fax (03) 8786 3062

    Office Hours: 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday Eastern Standard Time

    (except for Wed when we are closed in the morning) Wednesdays Open 2-5pm

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