Sister Mary Jane Has Her Doubts

Rockbadger (Paul Huxley)

The current review of the discrimination laws by the Commonwealth Government is to my mind an example of a political opportunism. The message of the Equal Love Movement has clearly been understood by the intransigent Gillard Government.

The Government knows the Prime Minister’s negative attitude towards GLBTIQ Marriage is causing them to haemorrhage votes. I believe these proposed changes to discrimination law are a political strategy designed to minimise the impact on the PM, so that during the next election campaign the ALP can point to something they have done for the gays.

The sub plot, as always with the Australian Labor Party, is that this is just emotional blackmail, allowing them to imply that any gay who does not support the government is ungrateful. What that viewpoint fails to consider is that the ALP Government was elected in 2007. That’s two elections ago.

If the ALP are such great supporters of the gay community, why weren’t these changes made in 2008? Was the ALP’s real agenda to keep these changes until now, so as to provide them with an opportunity to hail “we love the gays” just before an election?

The ALP has form on this issue, as evidenced by their PrideFest Float. While it is my opinion, that the dear leaders in the LNP are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, by being deliberately blind to the electoral benefits they would get from passing same sex marriage act amendments, I also think that the ALP is disingenuous in the way they go about offering to help the gays just before elections.

Tony Abbot is right. The next election is going to be won on Trust: the key policy issues will be around Health, Fiscal Management, Trust & Character. Same Sex Marriage will “Act-Up” it’s way onto the agenda in WA, thanks to Sam, Jess & Khyl.

If the LNP switch to Malcolm X, then they will win the next election with a normal majority. If Tony Abbot is dear leader, the ALP might snatch a 5 seat majority, with huge losses in WA if they switch to the Member for Port Adelaide.

My Sister instincts are right now screaming “Pinnochio”. I might be wrong but I so am looking forward to the cartoons in the West Australian. My trust in anything done by the Australian & WA Labour Parties evaporated long ago, just before I decided not to renew my membership.

Kind Regards

Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed, Mistress Annuncio of the Perth Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (on behalf of myself).

PS The Organisation of Intersex International aren’t too keen on these proposals, and the religious exemptions don’t have too many fans either. [Ed]

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