Ripped & Rolled By The Law


pic: OhLizz

Justice comes at a very steep price


Anthony and Michael have been together now for 12 years and best known as the couple in the “RipnRoll” safe sex advert. And, in the same year they fostered a child, who has been transformed since being in their care. So much so, that Anthony and Michael were awarded Foster Parents of the Year 2011.

However, in 2015 without notice their child was removed from their care by Children Services and without any explanation given. The child was in turmoil and so were Anthony and Michael.

A few weeks later Anthony was arrested and charged with rape and indecently dealing with an underage male child.

What followed has been life shattering.

  • They have lost their home
  • Anthony was suspended from his profession as a nurse in a hospital where he had been highly respected.
  • They are still waiting to get the OK from Children’s Services that Anthony can move back into the house with Michael and their son.
  • They have had to borrow additional money from friends and family to pay legal costs


However, it took 18 months of a living nightmare to get the court case over and the “not guilty” verdict. It seemed because Anthony is “gay” the police just assumed guilt.

The child that laid the claim, sadly for him is from a dysfunctional home and suffers mental health issues. However:

  • Police involved seemed to take the word of the child who suffers mental health issues and is from a dysfunctional home, which is not the child’s fault
  • Police never went to Anthony’s house to do any investigation
  • Police never did any DNA tests

· Police were incompetent with interviewing witnesses – 3 were never done and 2 interviewed twelve months after the offences were supposed to have taken place.


During the trial the Courier Mail, did some shocking headlines which added to the stress of Anthony. It was trial by media in the worst possible way with damning headlines that made him sound like a predator of the worst kind.

Additionally, nasty and vile Face Book messages still continue daily and abusive phone calls they received during the week of the trial. [continues below]


$100,000 IN DEBT

Anthony and Michael are now over $100,000 in debt. Anthony has not been able to get his job back. They are still waiting to get their son back and live as a family again. And, of course we can’t put into words about the impact of the emotional turmoil during the lead up and during the trial.

Despite winning Anthony’s case they have no legal recourse to recover the money from the complainant. However, they are overjoyed that Anthony is free but they now need to start rebuilding their lives once again.

I hope, by reading this story, you may like to show support of Anthony and Michael. What happened to Anthony can happen to anyone who cares about other people, regardless of your sexual orientation.