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'Interior. Leather Bar.' Replacing the banned 'I Want Your Love' at MQFF

‘Interior. Leather Bar.’ Replacing the banned ‘I Want Your Love’ at MQFF

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Well this has been quite a month for surprises. I got one myself when I fell over an invisible pothole at Montsalvat, wrenched an ankle and a knee and couldn’t walk more than a few metres unaided for over a week. Which meant I had to miss last week’s show. Sorry about that: hope you enjoyed the Asian pop show that filled in. Thanks Jase!!

The State of Victoria got a surprise change of Premier, with the generally pro-gay Ted Baillieu heading back to the family mansions, and anti-gay Catholic country vet Dennis Napthine coming to power, backed by rogue anti-gay evangelical Frankston MP Geoff Shaw. I suspect the next few months are not going to be pretty in Victoria.

Everyone got a surprise at Mardi Gras: revellers discovered that the police weren’t quite as nice as they were making out, and the police discovered that we don’t take kindly to being treated roughly and discourteously. The community will confront the police at a public forum on Tuesday led by our guest tonight Alex Greenwich MP.

A lot of people were surprised to hear that Malta, long thought to be a staunchly Catholic unchanging sort of place, elected a pro-gray Labor government this week.  Joseph Chetcuti joins us in the studio to explain why his homeland’s decision isn’t all that surprising.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival got a surprise when one of their lead offerings, “I Want Your Love” was effectively banned by the censors: and a nicer surprise when Academy Award nominated actor James Franco and director Travis Mathews gifted their latest movie “Interior. Leather Bar” to the festival as the replacement.

“It’s a huge coup for us to be able to screen James and Travis’ brand new film. Given the recent banning of I Want your Love, a film about censorship couldn’t be more topical,” said Melbourne Queer Film Festival director Lisa Daniel, who joins us direct from MQFF opening night party.

Holding my hand this evening and returning after a brief exile is our good mate Rob Mitchell.

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