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Of course we’ve had shows about action before, but as the political scene hots up, the actions multiply. Greens leader Christine Milne sprang a couple of surprises: she broke off the pact with Labor, and she announced she’d be marching with her gay son Tom in Mardi Gras, under the PFLAG banner.

PFLAG Brisbane had a meeting with Sharon Mullins, Executive Director State Schooling Operations and Strategy, Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) to tell her about bullying of LGBT students by staff and students in Queensland schools. Their new local leader Donna Goddard joins us.

And once again a major state government initiative kicks off and they forgot about us. Victoria Police and the state government launched Go4Zero , “which aims to give a public voice to our shared rejection of violence in any form – and violence against women in particular.”.

But no mention of LGBTI anywhere. The state government says that’s because it’s aimed at all violence, not any particular group: Greg Adkins of the Anti-Violence Project says it’s not good enough.

Alex Greenwich, pursuing the gay marriage agenda in NSW state parliament, also moved a motion condemning the Christian lobby attacks on our community. Meanwhile back at his old place, Australian Marriage Equality ramped up support for his marriage push, asking interstate residents to write to the parliamentary marriage inquiry. The draft bill seeks to limit state marriage to state residents only.

Rod Swift will be on hand to help me out..

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