Rainbow Report: Marriage, Children, Depression & Rainbows

Josh & Zach get married in NY, by David Geohring

Josh & Zach get married in NY, by David Geohring

A mixed bag this Thursday, with news good and bad, a call for your help.

Following their successful ‘left-handed’ campaign, beyondblue along with MINDOut! are looking into the best way to reach GBTI men suffering depression or anxiety, and they need 2000  to complete their quick survey to help them. We talk to Project leader Barry Taylor.

Rainbows have been busting out everywhere. After the NSW government tore up the Rainbow Crossing in Sydney’s Taylor Square, James Brechney thought he would have some fun and chalk a rainbow crossing on the road near his home. Now DIY rainbow crossings are turning up around the world and the Facebook page  has over 17,000 likes. James brings us the latest.

There was consternation when the Indian government moved to prevent gay couples using surrogacy services in that country. Desperate would-be gay dads are now turning to Thailand as an alternative, but there are significant problemsRodney Chiang-Cruise of Gay Dads Australia explains.

And last but by no means least, while Uraguay and France are now set to legalise gay marriage, our neighbours across the Tasman are about to become the latest country to actually vote it into law on Wednesday night. That’s due in no small measure to Labour MP Louisa Wall, a strong advocate for people health and wellbeing and an accomplished sportswoman, too, she was New Zealand Women’s Rugby Player of the Year, 1997.

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