Plebishite & Children’s Tears

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Somewhat scrappy post today, thanks to being on holidays while lots of nothing going on in parliament.

PM introduces zombie Plebiscite into parliament, but it’s allegedly already dead because Shorten will advise caucus Labor to block it – however the decision won’t be finalised for three weeks.

That doesn’t mean we can sit back and do nothing for those three weeks. We have to keep campaigning. The aim now has to be to build a coalition of our own, comprising Labor, Greens, crossbenchers, and Liberal with a shred of conscience, and LGBTI Liberals, who together would form a majority in the lower house.

We must first, defeat the plebiscite in the Senate. Then use our numbers there to bring in a simple marriage equality bill. Then use our newly built coalition, including Liberal floor crossers, to pass it in the House. This is the job of our ‘advocates’ in Canberra.

AME also finally rejects plebiscite on the current terms and calls for a multi-party Bill, which is what they should have been doing in the first place, instead of flirting with the plebiscite.

Alex Greenwich of AME is especially angry because the $1,500 tax free cap on donation to Yes or No campaigns wouldn’t apply to churches and religious groups, since they pay no taxes anyway


It also doesn’t help Gay Inc enthusiasm for a Plebisicite now we know we’ll have to go begging to some government committee before we can access any of the advertising money.

Even if we manage to jump successfully through all the hoops, we still won’t get equality, since the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker will be allowed to boycott same sex weddings if they think they’re yucky

Meanwhile we still have some self appointed self styled gay advocates slithering around the corridors of power as guests of the Attorney General. He says on ABC radio news about how he has been meeting with LGBTI groups and they are telling him that they want a plebiscite and think it is an excellent idea. Funny how he didn’t name those Judas groups isn’t it?

In a totally unrelated move, LGBTI groups, not including PFLAG or just.equal, have issued a statement curiously similar to one I referred to in an earlier post, which, while still not entirely satisfactory, has been beefed up

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