Plebiscite Lies, Updated

pic Theresa Thompson

Last Saturday Angela Shanahan, writing in the Australian, once again repeated the lie that there is 70% public support for a plebiscite on same sex marriage. Now Atorney General George Brandis has also used the same erroneous figure.

The plebiscite itself is emerging as a bellwether issue, almost separate from the question of same-sex marriage. The plebiscite is about people power. It is about people having a say. The plebiscite has become symbolic of the theme of the whole election.

One only has to look at the overwhelming support for the plebiscite, running at about 69-70 per cent, to see having a say about a change that most Australians realise is pretty fundamental is as important as the change itself.

In fact, the 70% figure is “a fraud” spun by News Ltd and friends. I spoke with Matt Farrugia, well-respected pollster and Research Director of the Centre for Applied Political Psychology, who has conducted his own poll into the support for a plebiscite on behalf of Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays. A report of our conversation is here: the podcast is below.

Matt’s work demonstrates that, once people understand what the plebiscite is, support for a public vote drops to 40%. But that’s not the story the Christaliban Abbottites and their friends at News Ltd want you to hear.

Update: That hasn’t stopped George Brandis from repeating the lie yet again today July 24 on insiders. He again quoted the 70% figure.

This despite a new Galaxy poll also showing that public support for a plebiscite disappears once people know what it will cost, and more importantly, will not resolve the issue.

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