Perth LGBT Community & AIDS Council asked to pay for improvements to AIDS Memorial

Keep away from our AIDS Memorial!

The Most Blessed Vexatious Mother Gretta of the Holy Vapours
Abbey of the Black Swan OPI
Neil Buckley

Blessings Doug

Re Aids Memorial Perth WA

There are some serious question about the process to select, erect and maintain the AIDS Memorial, especially as the community were led to believe this is what it would be: a Memorial not an ART Piece. There is a big difference in how people relate to it in a spiritual context if its only an Art Work .

The Artist is reluctant to have a The International Symbol for HIV/AIDS anywhere on his art work yet has it signed as The AIDS MEMORIAL .

The problem is the contract has been signed and is in place for 10 years and it would take a lot of energy and money to change or challenged .

The Order of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI) Sisters have met with the City of Vincent and Artist Reps and this has resulted in some good outcomes.

It is of concern that the HIV/AIDS community or AIDS Council does not have any input into the site called the AIDS Memorial .

Improvements have yet to be approved by the budget of City Of Vincent and it has been suggested that the community and the AIDS Council of WA help pay for some of the improvements, but giving money for an Artwork that has no community involvement or input??

The Sisters of OPI Perth have come up with a Proposal for an AIDS Memorial Rock Garden which would include the present structure. That would see some ownership given back to the community and insure the structure paid for by the money raised by the Community for an AIDS Memorial is not allowed to fall back onto disrepair or bulldozed.

But we need your support, and to publicise this widely.

The Most Blessed Vexatious Mother Gretta of the Holy Vapours
Abbey of the Black Swan OPI
Neil Buckley

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