Secrets From The Confessional

Miles Heffernan says it’s absurd that Catholic priests are exempt from the laws that can force doctors to reveal what is told to them in confidence.

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Antique Christian same-sex marriages, Prime Ministerial video, taking the Senate, topless French protests, alcohol & lesbians: all Freshly Doug for today.

Pic: BBC, Dr Who

Freshly Doug Monday

While I was being gently steamed in the humid Queensland climate, people got their marching shoes on in Gladstone and Albury in support of marriage equality, while Shepparton had a gay…

Stand by for Incoming

The child abuse inquiry is going to create dangerous times for the LGBTI community. We must be prepared.

The Tax Haven

Freshly Doug Weekender

Boardroom homocons for LGBT rights; irresponsible ‘Truvada Whores’; Uganda – hackers & banks fight Bill; Nigeria to jail LGBT; all Freshly Doug for your weekend.

A Roman Holiday

The Catholic Church IS a special case, akin to an organised crime syndicate: their crimes against children ARE greater than those of others: and the Royal Commission is Justice, not a witch-hunt.

The Silent Minority

Carrington Brigham argues that marriage equality is in the hands of the heterosexual community, or majority: it’s time for our allies to come out and fight for us.

Friends of Dorothy Part 2: The Power of One

Daniel Witthaus continues his thoughts on forging alliances with mainstream organisations and he allies within them.


Freshly Doug Tuesday

Did Queensland get it right, defunding QAHC? And are we going to ignore the coming Ugandan LGBT holocaust?

Friends of Dorothy – Part 1: Not Victims But Allies

In the first of a two-part series, educator Daniel Witthaus looks at claims of gay ‘victimhood’ and the value of straight allies.