Statement by Miles Heffernan

I have been a contributor with Qnews spanning over 5 years. From early April 2012 Ray explained to me that HIV was on the increase in Brisbane and that QAHC…

Statement by QAHC

Executive Director Remuneration The annual salary of the Executive Director in 2011/12 was in the range of $125,672 to $146,138 (9 pay point progressions) and is set by the Board…

Freshly Doug Monday

A row is simmering over sex education in Tasmanian schools, with one eminent child psychologist labelling opponents of the inclusion sexual diversity as “unhelpful, puerile and out of touch.”  He was…

Steven Damron

Freshly Doug Weekender

DOMA dies another death, French ‘child welcome’ leave extended to all, same-sex adoption OK in Northern Ireland, The Roman Church the biggest financiers of gay hate, a footballer struggles to be sensitive, and more, Freshly Doug for the weekend from the depths of the web.

Ryan Somma

Freshly Doug Thursday

A Python resurrection, a Jewish queer band, nature pink in tooth & claw, Devine slapped down and other good news, Freshly Doug for you this Thursday.

Rainbow Report on Obscenity

Tonight we tackle a contentious topic with some contentious guests. What is obscenity? How do you define it? Who defines it? What’s the difference between obscene, for example, and pornographic?…

Richard Bowen

Devine Telegraphs Hate

Some of our politicians seem to think that the issue of marriage equality is now settled for some time.  That’s code for “we don’t want to think about this any…

HIV The Melbourne Conference & Declaration

The big news today is the confirmation of what many of us have suspected for some time: HIV infection rates are on the rise. Though strangely enough, not in Queensland,…

Birger King

Freshly Doug Wednesday

On today’s menu: another reparative therapy ban, Red Cross red faced, accidental outings on Facebook, and GLBTI medical education. All Freshly Doug from the web for you this morning.

Lars Thomsen

Meth & HIV: Another Brick In the Stigma Wall

In this final part of The Stirrer investigation, two eminent experts help explore the crystal meth problem: Dr Rebecca McKetin from the Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing at ANU; and Dr Chad Bousman from the Department of Psychiatry from Melbourne University.