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Freshly Doug Weekender

Sequencing Lady Gaga, intersex awareness, Aussie Rules takes first step, ALSO gives another twitch in its death-throes, and more, Freshly Doug for the weekend.


Alex Greenwich About to Make History

Miles Heffernan muses on the significance of former Australian Marriage Equality boss Alex Greenwich’s bid for a seat in the NSW parliament.


Freshly Doug Thursday

Victorian Liberals dying in the polls; another Katter throws his hat in the ring (or should that be the other way round?); NFL teaching AFL the way forward (again); Romney v Obama – a black & white choice; news good and bad Freshly Doug from the webs.

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NFL puts AFL to Shame

Chris Kluwe – the thinking man’s American footballer (NFL), lays it on the line to the trolls and neanderthals who rule sport, and points the way forward for our own AFL sporting code and players.


Rainbow Report: Religion in Secular Schools

Get the PodCast of this Rainbow Report on Religion in Schools here http://www.cpod.org.au/page.php?id=25

Failure to Respond

Journalist Miles Heffernan gives an account of his numerous attempts to contact Ray Mackereth prior to publication, which received no response. Mackereth is welcome to submit a rebuttal to The Stirrer if he wishes.


Freshly Doug Wednesday

Millionaires get behind gay marriage; cheeky safe sex messages; NFL still ahead of AFL; empty election promises; and France backtracks on marriage equality. Freshly Doug just for you.


Campaigning on pointless promises

Last night I got home from a solid workout at the gym, cooked myself a healthy dinner and sat down to read my emails.  First cab off the ranks was…

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It’s time to do something about homophobia in sport

James Newburrie asks if the AFL is serious about tackling homophobia or if it’s all just PR spin and window-dressing.

Ride to Conquer Cancer

The support has been truly amazing from the community, raising $4,295 in an hour with Dean Beck’s On the Line show on Joy 94.9. And all this goes to Peter Mac. Well done!