Rainbow Report: Is Equal Marriage Dead?

Is Equal Marriage Dead? Andrew Barr, James Vigus, Alex Greenwich, Bob Such, Rob Mitchell & The Rainbow Reporter explore.


Freshly Doug Wednesday

Election day & anti-gay bigotry exposed; South Aus cop out of step and out of uniform; Spain affirms gay marriage; Slovakia calls it insanity; and the Mounties Get Better. Freshly Doug for Wednesday.


Freshly Doug Cup Day

It’s Melbourne Cup Day, so everyone here has the day off. Actually, most people took yesterday off too. And Friday. So excuse me if today’s little nosegay of fragrant internet…

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Support Our Stories On Screen

The more people see gay people and gay lives in movies and on television, the more gay rights advance. Here are two great opportunities for all of us to help…


Freshly Doug Monday

Lazy news day today, as half of Melbourne takes at least half a day off ahead of the Melbourne Cup tomorrow.  Thinking of filling the space with a recipe column…

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Keep Religion Out of Schools

One of many fine ideas to come out of the United States of America: that in a pluralistic, multicultural society, state and religion must be kept strictly separate. And that…

Marriage Equality videos 3

We may have had a setback but we will marry in Australia, soon!

She has two Mums

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne are out and proud for the sake of their daughter Charlotte.

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Freshly Doug Weekender

Republicans for Obama; Gay & Lesbian Switchboard needs cash; more ex-gay horror; football still homophobic; all Freshly Doug from the webs for you.

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Young Lives At Stake

Gay to Straight ‘conversion’ therapies for kids are now banned in California – but not in Australia, where kids as young as twelve are forced into them, with catastrophic results. You’ll be amazed how many of these fakes are operating here.